Mathews DXT Compound Bow

Mathews DXT Compound Bow Review Whether you are just getting interested in bow-hunting, or you have been doing it for years, the ultra light Mathews DXT Compound Bow is worth taking a look at. Newly released in 2008, it is a very popular choice amongst hunters, especially those who are used to trekking up mountains or through difficult terrain with their bow. The Mathews DXT is very lightweight, only 3.75 pounds, making it an ideal bow for anyone looking for something light, fast, powerful and accurate.

The mathews dxt compound bow measures only 29.75 inches axle to axle thus ensuring its ease of use in tight quarters, such as in a heavily wooded area. It is perfect for getting shots in where there are awkward shooting positions, and even though lighter bows are sometimes more difficult to steady than heavier bows, the smallness of the bow and the fact that usually, most shots are not long range, outweigh the sometimes minor disadvantage you can have with lighter bows.

The Mathews DXT is fast, smooth and quiet to operate. It is also relatively easy to set up, another plus for a new user! The Mathews DXT SlimLimbs are constructed of the newer SE4 composite material, making them lighter, yet stronger, than the previous versions SE3 limbs. Because of the Roller-Guard cable system there is practically no friction on the cable rods, and the Perimeter Weight with its inertia disk dramatically decreases all recoil and noise. This smoother operation and reduced recoil add to the overall accuracy you can achieve with this bow.

Not only is the Mathews DXT shorter and lighter, but tests have also shown that this bow is significantly faster than many other bows, with it advertised to reach 332 fps. The geometric design of the bow both increases the archers power stroke as well as the speed of the arrow.

Noise and vibration is minimal due to the technology that Mathews employs when designing their bows. Harmonic Dampers, Roller Guards, String suppressors and the parallel positioned limbs all combine to ensure that this latest Mathews DXT lives up to all that we have come to expect from a Mathews bow.

Bows range from 24 inch to 30 inch draw lengths, with half sized 24.5 inch to 29.5 inch included. They come with Zebra Barracuda strings and cables. You can choose from two colors options when purchasing the bow. The Mathews DXT features the famous Walnut Grip, where the bow has a layered line that indicates by touch the center-line of the bow. As with all other Mathews bows, accessories fit and work impeccably, making it very easy to choose and use the different accessories they offer such as their detachable T-series quivers, and their Convertible arrow rest.

If you are looking for a smooth draw, no hand-shock, and balanced weight in your bow, you really should try out Mathews DXT Compound Bow.

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Mathews DXT Compound Bow Review