Bowtech Allegiance Compound Bow Review

Bowtech Allegiance A Powerful, Accurate Reward for Loyalty

Bowtech has been pleasing their dedicated customers for years with a wide range of quality compound bows that meet the stylistic demands of each hunter. This commitment to delivering the best components, the highest quality materials, and superior performance has won their undying allegiance. To reward that loyalty, Bowtech produced the Bowtech Allegiance Compound Bow that delivers all the best this highly rated company has to offer. Bowtech Allegiance Compound Bow options include 60lb or 70lb draw weights which produce peak velocities of over 325 fps, enough to produce “clean through” kill shots for most game you’ll chase, including bear and larger members of the deer family. The machined binary cam system is smooth and very quiet, aided by a vibration damping system that won’t give that buck a heads up that danger is rapidly approaching.

The composite riser on the Bowtech Allegiance Compound Bow produces stability, while the energy storing limbs spring into action with devastating power. The standard Bowtech grip is comfortable, fatigue-saving, and provides excellent control for every shot. The fiber optic sight gives clarity to determine aim at a variety of distances. The Bowtech Allegiance Compound Bow is a great bow for beginners and experienced hunters alike. Some time at the range will produce the kind of comfort level with this bow that will give you the competitive advantage you need in the field.  Bowtech Allegiance Compound Bows are available used for about $210 and up, while new bows range from $535 to $579.

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Bowtech Diamond compound bow string Various Models Custom Colors Trophy Bound
Bowtech Diamond compound bow string Various Models Custom Colors Trophy Bound
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Bowtech Allegiance Compound Bow